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About us

The eDNA Society, a general incorporated association, aims at fostering and developing eDNA Science as a discipline that contributes to the human well-being, such as sustainable use of ecosystems and environmental conservation.



Sept 9/2021 – The meeting was closed with more than 300 participants! Thanks for your attendance! Meeting registration is NOW OPEN!

Registration for the 4th Annual Meeting of The eDNA Society 2021 (2021.11.20-21 in Japanese time) is now open. Please proceed to the annual meeting website for the details [LINK].

July 13/2021 – The meeting was closed with more than 300 participants! Thanks for your attendance!  Call for self-organized sessions in The 4th Annual Meeting of The eDNA Society

In The eDNA Society Annual Meeting 2021 (2021.11.20-21), we will hold self-organized workshops. Please feel free to apply. Application deadline is at 17:00 on August 13th (JST).

For more details, please refer to this file (CallForWorkshop.PDF).

April 1/2021 – We have published the first eDNA textbook written in Japanese. Publisher’s webpage



The meeting was closed with more than 300 participants! Thanks for your attendance! The 2021 annual meeting will be held online (expected to be partly in person).

Host: Prof. Hitoshi Araki, Hokkaido University
Date: 20 to 21 November, 2021

Annual meeting

First international symposium was planned to be held in Kyoto in 2021 but has been postponed due to the pandemic of COVID-19. We are planning to hold it next year, 2022. Please wait for updates.


Environmental DNA Sampling and Experiment Manual

The eDNA Society published the standardized manual for eDNA analysis, “Environmental DNA Sampling and Experiment Manual”. We wish this manual will contribute for solving the global issues relating to the biodiversity loss and for promoting the conservation.

Environmental DNA Sampling and Experiment Manual (ver. 2.1) (in Eng) (Published on April 25, 2019)

Our commentary paper on the manual has been published in Environmental DNA. Please use this commentary paper as a citation in your report/paper, if you follow the methodological steps described in this manual in your study.

Minamoto, Miya, Sado, Seino, Doi, Kondoh, Nakamura, Takahara, Yamamoto, Yamanaka, Araki, Iwasaki, Kasai, Masuda & Uchii (2020) An illustrated manual for environmental DNA research: Water sampling guidelines and experimental protocols.
Environmental DNA Early View,

Supplemental videos on sampling procedures (open to the members only; Note that the videos are provided only in Japanese currently.)



The society publishes a newsletter per year via Public Relations Committee. Each newsletter contains attractive items – meeting reports, event guides, the introduction of frontier’s lab, and so on. The latest volume is only opened to the members. You would be notified by the society office about the password. Note that the newsletters are provided only in Japanese currently.

Newsletter vol. 3 (Feb 3, 2021) Link
Newsletter vol. 2 (Jan 27, 2020) Link
Newsletter vol. 1 (Jan 15, 2019) Link


Contact information

Contact person: Yuka IKOMA
The eDNA Society Office (c/o Ryukoku University)
1-5 Yokotani, Seta Oe-cho, Otsu, 520-2194 Japan