Environmental DNA Sampling and Experiment Manual

The eDNA Society published the standardized manual for eDNA analysis, “Environmental DNA Sampling and Experiment Manual”. We wish this manual will contribute for solving the global issues relating to the biodiversity loss and for promoting the conservation.

Latest Version
Environmental DNA Sampling and Experiment Manual (ver. 2.1)
Published on April 25, 2019

Our commentary paper on the manual has been published in Environmental DNA. Please use this commentary paper as a citation in your report/paper, if you follow the methodological steps described in this manual in your study.

Minamoto, Miya, Sado, Seino, Doi, Kondoh, Nakamura, Takahara, Yamamoto, Yamanaka, Araki, Iwasaki, Kasai, Masuda & Uchii (2020) An illustrated manual for environmental DNA research: Water sampling guidelines and experimental protocols.
Environmental DNA 3: 8-13,

Relating resources

Supplemental videos on sampling procedures (open to the members only; Note that the videos are provided only in Japanese currently.)

For the metabarcoding part in the society experimental manual, you may refer to the following video offered at CEARAC (Coastal Environmental Assessment Regional Activity Centre) youtube channel.

English version (approx. 50 min.)